The Highest Point Foundation


The Highest Point Foundation was created in 2009 by Dashon Goldson to provide motivational outlets for youth through sports programs such as camps and clinics – to take them off the streets and onto the field, making more productive use of their time and physical abilities.

In many communities throughout Southern California, where Dashon grew up, young people are plagued with issues such as dropping out of school, drug use, tobacco use, underage drinking, gang violence, poverty, parental neglect and homelessness. Many of these issues have caused them to make the wrong choices in life, where they often times end up in a far worse place – and possibly jail.

Dashon has seen far too much happen to the communities around him and he wants to do his part to give back – utilizing the resources that he has acquired as a professional athlete to help make a difference in people’s lives.

Whether it’s assisting with preventative measures to ensure a child does not take the wrong path in life, or transitional measures to help someone who was previously incarcerated adjust to life as a responsible adult – Dashon vows to encourage individuals to reach “the highest point” in life through the lessons he has personally learned in the sport of football as well as through various programs and initiatives under his Foundation.

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