Website: https://www.nvrqt.org

What is the NVRQT Campaign?

Short for "never quit," the NVRQT campaign, run by PCRF, helps to raise awareness and money for children's cancer research. Our commitment is simple: we are the rally cry, cause and mantra in the fight against pediatric cancer.

It's a big job for these five little letters, but they are up for the challenge. We know that these five letters provide added support to a little boy whose been benched by leukemia. They give extra encouragement to a little girl who is about to lose her hair. And, they send a powerful message to friends and family that we stand with them, side-by-side, and we will not give up. We will never quit aiding in the fight for a cancer-free childhood.

In 2012, Boston Red Sox pitcher and cancer survivor, Jon Lester, made the commitment to partner with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation's (PCRF) in this NVRQT Campaign. Together, they work to provide inspiration for those who suffer with cancer, as well as to raise awareness and support for those researchers who choose to dedicate themselves to finding a cure.

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