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Sports fans know their favorite athletes stats. Sports fans know the results of their favorite athlete’s last game. But how many know what they stand for off the field? How many know their cause or foundation name? That’s why we’re here!

Athletes Care was formed because we have a passion for pro sports and for giving back. We know that much of the generous charity work that professional athletes do off-the-field is overlooked. Many sports fans are not even aware that their favorite athletes are doing countless positive things to help people and to make a difference. We know the good work that they do, and it needs to be promoted in a central location so that it can receive the attention it deserves.

Athletes Care was created to help fans connect with professional athletes on an entirely new level. Fans care about their favorite athletes and teams; now we want to share the good work they do off the field!

What We Do:
  • Build a long term partnership with fans, athletes, and their foundations to keep athletes charities in the spotlight
  • Raise Awareness for their cause or foundation
  • Feature athletes and their foundations on our Website/Social Media
  • Provide free event promotion
How We Give Back:
10% of all Athletes Care profits will be donated to charity & 100% of all auction item proceeds go to charity: local charities, communities…the list is endless. We are a team that has a passion to give back and know that we are making a difference too.

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